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From age 18, Liris Crosse knew that modeling was her thing—and that somehow, someway, she would make it. Quickly forward a decade later and Crosse, now 30, is really a pioneer in the style business for full-figured and African-American models. Gracing the pages of magazines, acting in audio films and hosting activities, she has become in the lead as one of many people of the new Ashley Stewart spring style campaign nationwide.
EBONY PORN: Voluptuous and shapely, Crosse went via an extreme journey searching for her niche to fill out the modeling world. From borderline absurd diet plans for losing substantial levels of weight to ultimately giving up on wanting to “fit in” and find her house within the plus-size modeling neighborhood, Crosse gives her experience with, and provides complete advice to those women aspiring to check out in her footsteps. 

What is your journey? What's your story?
Liris Crosse: I would state the small edition will be a girl who'd always imagined modeling. When I was a litttle lady, I always wished to model. My father was running for congressman in Baltimore, and he'd a photographer come by for brochures, to take family pictures. The photographer was like, “Your daughter is indeed cute. Do you brain if I take some pictures of her by himself?” So he needed some pictures of me by myself. When he delivered some pictures of the family, he also delivered a large 8×10 of me by myself, and put only a little notice like, “She's actually photogenic. She should model.” That began to actually resonate within me.

EBONY: When did you obtain your first separate auditioning?
LC: In senior school I was in the modeling troupes and senior school style show. Any moment I really could can get on a runway, I would. Then I went to this company named Product Search America. They would take most of the agents from most of the important agencies and travel them right into a city that has been best to you. They would have an open call, and in the event that you got an invitation from an open call, they would invite you to the meeting that has been happening in D.C. So I got a call and my mom did some research on the organization and found out they certainly were legit, therefore I went.
From the meeting, I got callbacks from a couple of good places like Seventeen publication and Elite Models. Whenever you get anything from Elite, that is like the top company on the planet, you have to go forward with it all.

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